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AT Max Garrett A.T. Max is our most versatile and advanced all-terrain VLF metal detector. Instructional.
Garrett AT MAX Instructional Video
Part 1 (US Version)
  Garrett AT MAX Instructional Video
Part 2 (US Version)
  Garrett AT MAX Instructional Video
Part 3 (US Version)

This first part of the instructional video introduces Garrett's AT Max, followed by instructions on the assembly of the metal detector.


Basic Controls, Z-Lynk Wireless Operation, Target Information, Selecting Modes, Audio Tones and Iron Audio Features, Notch Discrimination, High-Resolution Iron Discrimination, Volume Adjustment, Audio Threshold Adjustment, Frequency Adjustment, Sensitivity Adjustment, Backlight.


Ground Balance and Automatic Ground Balance Window, Pinpointing, Bench Tests, Search Tips, Fresh Water, Saltwater and Underwater Operation, Battery Replacement and Care, and Accessories.

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