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Vaughan Garrett’s International Favorite Find of the Month Winner
    September 2017

My international favorite find for September 2017 is the British Navy Button (Napoleon Era), found by TG H., from Norway with his AT Gold.

Tor's story: It was a rainy day and I was home after a stressful day at work. Since I have the wonderful AT Gold I decided to go detecting in the rain. Better to be outside and let the detector and the rain wash away the stress. :-) After an hour or so I found this beautiful button with gold plating. After a bit of research I found out it is from a officer from the British Navy during the Napoleon war era. It made my day. The stress was gone and I went home feeling good. ;-)

Hope you enjoy my little story and the beautiful Navy button. Best regards, TG

TG WINS a Garrett Z-Lynk™ Wireless System!


My second international favorite find for September 2017 is the Richard III Half Angel Gold Hammered Coin, found by Michelle V. from the U.K. with her AT Pro.

Michelle's story: The day was absolutely fantastic thank you. Myself and hubby were on a charity dig in Rugby, UK, with my amazing AT Pro detector I call Robyn. Second time out with her I found an Extremely rare Richard III Half Angel gold hammered coin. I found it on a plowed field about 17 inches down. The ground was like a clay substance, quite thick. I had her on Pro mode and the target ID was 65, although a little scratchy. Apparently it's so amazing, I didn't realise what I had actually got. I'm looking into having it straightened soon. I really am excited about this coin as there hasn't been any found for many many years. Yes I was also made to do my first hammy dance.

Kind Regards, Michelle V.

Michelle V. WINS a Garrett Z-Lynk™ Wireless System!


My third favorite international find for September 2017 is the Henry VI Gold Noble 1421, found by Simon M. from the UK, with his Ace 400i.

Simon's story: I was attending a club paid dig. Looking around there were about 40 other people, many with very expensive machines, but I was working on the theory you have to walk over it. We all started off and everyone headed in different directions. Not a lot was coming up in this field so I went to the next, and there were people everywhere. I saw a small gap and headed to the centre of the field, again not many good signals, so I headed for the next gate when I finally got a good clear signal. I dug down and there shining in the sunlight was gold! I did first think it was just a bottle top, so I flicked it out of the hole, that's when I could see for sure it was a gold hammered coin.

Find of a lifetime.

Simon M. WINS a Garrett Z-Lynk™ Wireless System!

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