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Vaughan Garrett’s Favorite Find of the Month Winner
    September 2017 has Two WINNERS!


My U.S. favorite find is the VMI Cadet Civil War Button, found by Jeffery P. from Virginia, with his AT Pro.

Jeffery's story: I went with a friend to a very old church in my hometown to visit a grave of a friend of his. He told me that he had relic hunted the neighboring field next to the church in the early 90's and found some 1800's coins and flat buttons. I asked him if I could try my luck there and he said sure. So I started back in the wooded area of the field. I was going slow and had a great 55-61 signal on the AT Pro and dug down 4 inches and saw a shank of a button showing. It turned out to be a Virginia Military Institute Cadet button. I have done the research and these buttons are pretty rare and in this type of shape is remarkable. Thank you for allowing me to share.

Jeffery P. WINS a Garrett Z-Lynk™ Wireless System!



My second U.S. favorite find is the 1858 Pre-Civil War Revolver, found by Jeremy P. from Montana, with his AT Pro.

Jeremy's story: I own several Garrett detectors and so was asked to take a small group of church youth out Metal detecting. To make this activity as fun as possible I took them to a dry lake bed which was also a well-used beach most of the summer. We weren't getting tons of great finds beyond matchbox cars and sunglasses so we decided to move further out from the beach. This lake has several island areas that even when the water is high do not get submerged so we decided to look there. Within 10 minutes, I detected this treasure using my AT Pro. Mind blown…speechless…mic drop!

We have determined it to be a Remington .36 caliber with a date stamp of 1858! It was thrilling to identify and the youth group was blown away by the historical nature of the discovery. Finding an intact pre-Civil War firearm is a once-in-a-lifetime bucket lister. There are now 6 more Garrett detector converts in my community!

Jeremy P. WINS a Garrett Z-Lynk™ Wireless System!

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