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Garrett Pro-Pointer transmits to Garrett MS-3 headphones or Garrett Z-Lynk wireless kits. Yes No No
One-Press Syncing to Garrett Z-Lynk wireless receivers. Yes No No
Fully waterproof? Yes, to 20 feet (6m). IP 68 Yes, to 20 feet (6m). IP 68 No. Weatherproof,
splashproof. (IP 66)
Proportional audio/vibration pulse for target indication Yes Yes Yes
360° side scan detection plus pinpointing tip Yes Yes Yes
Fast Retune (quick-press to shrink detection field) Yes Yes Use quick Power off/on retune method
Adjustable sensitivity Yes Yes No
Lost Pro-Pointer alarm Yes Yes Yes
Automatic power off Yes Yes Yes
Ruler with inch/cm markings Yes Yes No
Lanyard attachment loop Yes Yes Yes
Automatic tuning at turn-on? Yes Yes Yes
Patented scraping blade Yes Yes Yes
LED light Yes Yes Yes
Operating Temperatures -4°F (-20°C) to 130°F (54°C) -4°F (-20°C) to 130°F (54°C) -4°F (-20°C) to 130°F (54°C))
Total weight 6.5 oz. (0.2 kg) w/battery 6.5 oz. (0.2 kg) w/battery 6.5 oz. (0.2 kg) w/battery
Battery 9V (included) 9V (included) 9V (included)
Warranty 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
Web holster Included Included Included

Garrett Pinpointers Overview

Advantages of Pinpointers

Garrett's PRO-Pointers are miniature metal detectors that enable you to recover detected targets faster.

  • Speed your target recovery; more time to detect!
  • Accurately find small items and prevent digging large holes.
  • Identify multiple targets in close proximity.
  • Search in tight areas or use as a utility pinpointer to locate nails and metal wall studs in homes or to locate rebar, conduit, etc.

Retuning for Environment and Targets

Both of Garrett's PRO-Pointers are able to quickly tune out mineralized ground or saltwater. This retuning technique can also be used to narrow in on large targets and to help gauge a target's size/depth.

To retune the standard PRO-Pointer II, use a quick power off and on process to shrink the detection field. To tune out saltwater, wet sand or highly mineralized ground, hold the tip of the pinpointer to the water, sand or soil as you turn on the power—thus instantly adjusting the pinpointer to the environment.

Retuning the PRO-Pointer AT is even faster. Simply quick-press the button for an instant retune.


Things to Know About Pinpointers:

  • Garrett's PRO-Pointers operate in an All-Metal Mode, meaning they will detect all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Turn off your pinpointer after every use. It is designed to tune itself to its environment each time it is turned on.