Apex Top Finds

CONTEST UPDATE: It’s time to submit your final entries to the Apex Top Finds contest. November will be the final month for the Apex challenge, so be sure to submit all of your finds by the end of THIS month to be eligible. Thank you to everyone who has participated this year.

Don’t forget that Vaughan Garrett’s Favorite Finds contest will continue each month! And, get ready for an exciting announcement for the holiday season!

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Latest Winners

Rules / Disclaimer
Simply submit your favorite Apex™ top find each month for the opportunity to win. Garrett will select one global winner per month. That person will be contacted to select their prize from either of these two choices:

Prize Option 1

A Garrett Z-Lynk™ MS-3 Wireless Headphone Kit with Z-Lynk Pro-Pointer® AT (PN: 1142210)
AND two Multi-Flex optional searchcoil (i.e. 8.5" x 11" Raider™, 6" x 11" DD Viper™, or 5" x 8" Ripper™) of your choice from Garrett’s current Apex searchcoil selection. Plus, an autographed copy of Vaughan Garrett’s Favorite Finds book!


Prize Option 2

One brand-new Apex metal detector with Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones (PN: 1142325)
Plus, an autographed copy of Vaughan Garrett’s Favorite Finds book!
What Do I Submit?
Each participant must submit a photo or short video of an item found with their Garrett Apex metal detector.

There are three (3) options of how to submit to the monthly Apex Top Finds Competition:

  1. SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY, by using the form below.
  2. EMAIL. For email, please include the following:
    • A brief story about your discovery and a photo
    • Clear, in focus photos of the item(s) you found (original, high resolution files over 500k are preferred; 3 inches at 300 dpi resolution is best)
    • Your full name and shipping address for thank-you gift
    • Attach photos to email and send to apexfind@garrett.com
  3. SHORT VIDEO. Use either the electronic form below or the email listed above (apexfind@garrett.com). Do not attach your video directly. Please paste in only a link to your YouTube video or packaged file (i.e. Dropbox link, Vimeo link). Video should be limited to no more than three (3) minutes in length. It should clearly show you making or holding your favorite find with your Apex detector.

Note: For those wishing to submit a finds photo of an object found with a different Garrett detector, please submit that entry to the monthly Vaughan Garrett’s Favorite Find of the Month page: https://garrett.com/favorite-finds

To be eligible as an Apex Top Finds winner, photos must include your Apex detector. Two suggested styles are shown as examples below: 1) your find resting on the Apex control box display; or 2) you holding your find and your Apex detector

Photo Option 1

Photo Option 2

Participants can begin submitting their Apex Top Finds during the month of February 2021. For each month that follows, entries will be received from the first to the last day of that month. On or about the 10th day of the next month, Garrett will announce a winner—selected from everyone who entered during the previous month—on the Garrett website and on social media. The Apex Top Finds competition will run through December 31, 2021.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to submit a personal Apex treasure hunting success story. To be eligible for selection as the monthly winner, the submitted find must have been made with an Apex metal detector.

Each month’s submissions will be reviewed by a select committee of Garrett employees. This group will vote on which photo and/or story is their favorite of the month. The find with the most committee votes will be named as the winner. The Apex find selected each month will not always be the rarest or most valuable find. A great story, with a great photo—or perhaps a great history lesson—might just be the one selected. If your find is not selected, please don’t feel discouraged. Feel free to submit a new find next month!

Each month’s winner will be featured on garrett.com, and on official Garrett social media apps, such as Facebook. Happy hunting and good luck!

  • No purchase is required. Simply submit your favorite Apex™ treasure hunting story, with appropriate photo or video, for a chance to be selected.
  • Please do not submit the same Apex™ find more than once. Feel free, however, to submit new discoveries as you make them.
  • These can be submitted via any of the three options described above.
  • Stories and photos submitted between the first and last day of each month will be reviewed by the in-house Garrett committee after the last date of each month. The team will post the selected winner around the 10th day of the following month on the www.garrett.com website and on Garrett's social media.
  • Garrett will contact the chosen winner to select from one of the two prize options described under “What Can I Win?” Please include your address and phone number with your Apex Top Finds submission. Your address and phone number will not be published.
  • By submitting your find entry, you are authorizing Garrett to use your testimonial for future social media postings, website display, inclusion in future catalogs, or other marketing materials.
  • For any Apex customer who submits a new story and photo or video, Garrett will ship a thank-you item.

For finds with Garrett Metal Detectors other than Apex, please submit to Vaughan's Favorite Finds.


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