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My U.S. Favorite Find for March 2022 is the set of WWI Military Buttons, discovered by Shannon C. from Indiana with her AT Max.

While detecting using my AT Max on a local farm permission I decided to check out a new area. After about an hour or so I uncovered my very first WWI military button! Soon after this one, I uncovered a second one... then a third. In the end I found 10 of these buttons! Eight of them still have the backs and shanks attached, while two have only the fronts left. I could not believe what I had uncovered. I shared my find with a good friend who went on to investigate their origin some more, and after some internet investigation she found the soldier we believe the buttons belonged to. I plan to keep this private out of respect for the farming family but do plan to share my information with them as it was one of their family members.

Shannon C. WINS an ACE Apex metal detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Next month Vaughan will give away an ACE Apex metal detector. You could be the next winner! Submit your story and photos.