Garrett Paragon Walk-Through Metal Detector


Walk-Through Metal Detector

Garrett Paragon Walk-Through Metal Detector

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Best in Class Security

U.S.A. / International Description Color
1172001 / 1172002* Paragon Standard 30" Charcoal
1172003 / 1172004* Paragon ADA-compliant 32.5" Charcoal
* Supplied with Euro plug.

More than the sum of its parts.

The Garrett Paragon possesses the best attributes of its predecessors, but also introduces never-before seen setup and operation features, as well as a distinct and pleasing new aesthetic. Modern, mission-critical security systems require a detector that is connectable, adaptable, and reliable. Paragon is all of that and more.

A model of excellence.

Paragon sets the bar for the future of high-security detection with its user-empowering features and high-performance detection capabilities. Catch the ferrous and non-ferrous metallic contraband you want to find with more program options than ever and improved sensitivity and interference immunity.

Diverse applications.

From stadiums to courthouses and theme parks to schools, Paragon has the flexibility to serve the needs of your moment. Respond in real-time with easily adjustable settings and superior mobility, ensuring that surprise traffic changes or unexpected VIPs never leave your security system scrambling.

One Paragon. Two Simultaneous Sensitivities



With Ambiscan, one detector does the work of two. This Paragon feature allows supervisors to set two distinct sensitivities based on the direction of traffic. Catch weapons coming in. Catch company property going out.

  • Halves the size of your security checkpoint.
  • Eliminate user error from excess detectors or repeated settings changes.
  • Reduce operator fatigue by only alarming on the targets you want to catch.
Double the Detection

Paragon Dial Sided illustration


Paragon dual sided icon BILATERAL DETECTION

Paragon has dual transmit and receive capability in both panels, a Garrett industry exclusive.

This means:

  • Evenly distributed detection across the walkthrough portal. Single-sided detectors experience falloff as the transmit strength varies from left to right. Paragon eliminates this weakness
  • Simplified multi-unit setup. Paragon’s doubled perspective improves its ability to account for and eliminate the interference caused by other walkthroughs in close proximity.
  • Superior target analysis. Paragon’s bilateral screening is the electromagnetic equivalent of binocular vision, enhancing the ability of the detector to precisely identify and distinguish objects within the portal.
Catch Threats Quickly

Paragon 66 zone illustration


Garrett 66 Zones Icon 66 ZONES

Paragon brings with it an industry-leading 66 zones – left/center/right identification of targets across 22 horizontal bands. This high-resolution detection lets operators find targets quickly and efficiently during secondary screening without diverting their attention away from the checkpoint.

Emphasize high risk zones with Zone Boost. All 22 of Paragon’s horizontal bands are independently adjustable for maximum finesse in addressing the detection needs of your facility.

Additional FEATURES

Integrated USP icon

Integrated UPS.
Internally-mounted emergency power ensures continuous operation in the event of accidental AC disconnect or power outage.

High-visibility pacing lights.
Allows patrons and staff to clearly see entry locations at large events.

Cabinet storage.
Allows charging of handheld detector while not in use.
Paragon front view

Front View

IP 65.
Exacting construction provides protection from dust and moisture.

Sophisticated design.
Paragon’s smooth and trim structure is as at-home in an office building as a stadium.

Zero Touch icon

Zero Touch™.
NFC card reader allows settings adjustment without mechanical insertion, meaning less wear and fewer card replacements.

Time of Flight sensors detect both the presence of people and the direction of movement through the walkthrough portal.

Secure crosspieces.
Both detection head and crosspiece are key-lock secured to prevent tampering.
Paragon back view

Back View

Quick-Q icon

Optional settings allow cell phones to be ignored while still catching mass casualty weapons.

200 sensitivity levels.
Paragon’s 23+ programs are all adjustable to 200 sensitivity levels for maximum security choice.

3 Year Warranty
See Warranty notice.

Let your crowds leave their worries at the checkpoint.
With Paragon, you can have confidence in your security screening.