Hospital Metal Detectors

In today’s evolving landscape of security threats, the pressing need to elevate safety standards in healthcare facilities is evident. Hospitals, with their open doors to the public, can become vulnerable spaces. This vulnerability underlines the importance of integrating advanced security measures such as metal detectors. Garrett Metal Detectors, a leading name in the detector industry, champions the movement for enhanced security in healthcare settings. Through fast, meticulous detection, we are reshaping the definition of a safe environment in hospitals across the United States.

Metal Detectors for Hospitals

In the dynamic environment of a hospital, ensuring the safety of every individual is paramount. Garrett Metal Detectors offers solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities. By understanding the flow and urgency of hospital operations, we’ve designed metal detectors that seamlessly integrate without hindering day-to-day activities.


Walk Through Metal Detectors

Our full-sized walk-through detectors are essential tools for rapid screening, especially where crowd management is a top priority.

Entrances and Exits

  • Main Entrance: Visitors, staff, and patients typically pass through the main entrance. A walk-through metal detector here serves as a primary checkpoint, ensuring no unauthorized or potentially harmful items make their way inside.
  • Emergency Room: With the rush and urgency that comes with emergency rooms, it’s crucial to have a system that is efficient and rapid. Our walk-through detectors are designed to quickly scan individuals without causing delays.
  • Public Entrance: For larger healthcare facilities with multiple public entrances, having a walk-through detector at each entry point fortifies the hospital’s security grid, ensuring consistency in safety measures.
  • MRI Screening: It is critical to keep metallic objects off of patients before entering the MRI machine. Walk-through metal detectors can perform a full-body metal screening to ensure safe use of this important medical technology.

Specific Features

  • Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Targets
  • ADA-Compliant Crosspiece Available
  • Easy to Install
  • Fully Mobile
  • Complete Security Checkpoint Kits Available
  • Audio and Visual Alarms

Hand-Held Metal Detectors

Compact, efficient, and precise, our hand-held detectors are the perfect tools for secondary screening and on-the-spot checks in areas where installing large detectors is not feasible.

Security Guards

  • Spot Checks: There may be situations where security personnel need to perform quick checks, either based on suspicion or random screenings. Hand-held detectors and security officers allow for this flexibility without causing major disruptions.
  • Emergency Room: Hand-held detectors have the flexibility to operate in fast-moving and changing environments like emergency rooms, scanning patients on their way to urgent medical without stopping personnel.
  • Isolated Checkpoints: Locations such as VIP wards, research facilities within the hospital, or areas housing sensitive equipment can benefit from these hand-held devices by ensuring no unauthorized access or contraband materials are introduced.
  • Secondary Screening: Walkthrough checkpoints function best when accompanied by versatile Garrett hand wands. Hand-held detectors quickly identify alarming objects pinpointed by walk-through metal detectors.

Specific Features

  • Ultimate Sensitivity
  • Pinpoint Threats & Metallic Objects
  • Self-Calibrating
  • Highly Portable Scanners
  • Audio, Visual, and Vibrate Alarms

An Essential Solution: Metal Detectors in Hospitals

Metal detectors serve as an invaluable tool to address safety concerns in hospitals with elevated risk of violent incidents. By adopting metal detectors, medical facilities can significantly diminish these threats.

Advantages of Metal Detectors

Security Reinforcement

Weapon detection systems act as a frontline defense against potential threats, immediately identifying and alerting security personnel to concealed weapons or harmful objects.

Streamlined Security Process

Efficient and rapid scanning capabilities at main entrances and ambulance entrances ensure that large influxes of patients and visitors can be screened without causing unnecessary delays.

Innovative Features

Zero Touch™ NFC capability means your security team can adjust settings instantly and touchlessly while eliminating tampering risk and human error. Adapt on the fly to elevated or reduced risk conditions. (Paragon Exclusive)

How Will Metal Detectors in Hospitals Improve Security?

Peace of Mind

Hospital staff, from healthcare providers to administrative personnel, can focus on their primary responsibilities knowing a robust security system is in place. Visitors and family members can also find solace in the stringent security measures.

Promoting Safety Culture

Garrett detectors visibly reinforce the security mindset of their facility to hospital patients and staff. Our systems deter aggressive behavior and reduce the risks of violent incidents, ensuring the emergency department remains a safe haven.

Protection for Vulnerable Patients

Hospitals serve to help and heal our most vulnerable members of society, and it is critical that outside threats be kept away from both patients and staff.

Workplace Safety

Healthcare workers, from emergency physicians to healthcare providers, benefit from additional safety measures, mitigating the risk of workplace violence and ensuring safety on the job.

Why Garrett Metal Detectors for Your Hospital

Garrett Metal Detectors is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with industry-leading experience in the realm of facility security. Our diverse range of detectors and screening equipment can address your hospital’s needs with flexible program and sensitivity options.

Expertise in Security Systems for Hospitals

Hospitals require specialized security solutions, and Garrett delivers just that. With our deep-rooted understanding of healthcare facilities’ unique needs, we’ve tailored our products to ensure swift yet thorough screenings. Our commitment to excellence means we’re always at the forefront of technology, providing tools that are both innovative and effective, making Garrett the preferred choice for hospitals aiming for uncompromised safety.

Contact Garrett Today

Garrett Metal Detectors is more than just a product provider; we are partners in safety. As we look to the future, our dedication to excellence remains unwavering. Our focus lies in ensuring every emergency room, every health care worker, and every visitor in a hospital is safe. Metal detectors serve as a frontline defense in hospitals, efficiently identifying potential threats and enhancing overall security. Their presence not only deters malicious activities but also provides peace of mind to both staff and patients.

For excellence in safety and security, choose Garrett. Contact us today for your security metal detector needs.