Garrett Gold Pan Kit

PN: 1651310

Includes three Garrett gold pans and recovery accessories


Spec & Details

  • Includes 14" Gold Trap pan, 14" Sifter/Classifier, and 10″ Backpacker pan
  • Also included: Gold Guzzler bottle, and two gold vials
  • Lightweight green pans provide enhanced gold visibility
  • Must-have for recreational gold seekers!


Garrett’s Gold Pans

Garrett sells a variety of gold pans that have the led industry for decades. This comprehensive kit includes the 14" Gold Trap pan, a 14" Sifter/Classifier, a 10" Backpacker pan, and other essential tools for prospecting with your metal detector. Built with the adventurer in mind, these green pans enhance gold visibility and ensure that no target goes unnoticed.

This collection of gold panning equipment makes the recovery process of fine gold pieces almost effortless. With the inclusion of the “How to Find Gold” field guide, you are prepared with the tools and knowledge for successful gold prospecting. These gold pans also feature a 90° riffled design that prevents gold from sloshing out, ensuring safe, sure, and rapid gold recovery in wet or dry conditions. Garrett’s equipment is tested and proven by thousands of prospectors, making them some of the best gold pans for every treasure hunter.


Using Gold Pans: Simple Steps
  1. Classify Your Material: Use the gold sifting pan or classifier to filter out larger rocks from your sample.
  2. Pan with Water: Move water around the pan with your material, allowing the gold to settle at the bottom.
  3. Swirl and Tilt: Gently swirl and tilt the pan to remove the lighter material, keeping the gold caught in the riffles.
  4. Retrieve Gold: Use the Gold Guzzler bottle to suck up tiny gold particles, then move them to a gold vial for safekeeping.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it typically take to find gold?
The time spent finding gold can vary based on where you are, the soil conditions there, and the panning techniques used. It’s important to practice using the equipment to be successful.

Are there any other recommended tools beyond what’s included in the gold pan kit?

Yes. At Garrett, we sell a variety of other prospecting tools, such as a Nugget Scoop, the Deluxe Gold Pan Kit, the Super Sluice pan, and the All Terrain Dig Pouch. These accessories help make your metal-detecting experience smoother and more successful!

How do I prevent losing gold while panning?

The rifled design of Garrett’s gold pans allows you to trap valuable finds without worrying about anything sloshing out of the pan. We recommend practicing the technique to reduce the chances of losing any gold pieces.

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Returns & Support

Garrett Customer Service support is available during normal business hours for general information or to assist with any product issue. Garrett metal detection products (detectors, pinpointers, and searchcoils) include a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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