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Vaughan Garrett’s Favorite Find of the Month is Thoren P. from Maine!

Success Story: “It was a beautiful day on the historic oceanside in Maine, but what I unearthed may have even taken the cake on the prettiest thing I laid my eyes on! My friends and I ventured down to an old permission we rounded up last fall. We’ve found numerous coins and buttons there, so decided it’d be a good chance to break into 2022.

“Early that morning we found a few cool finds, but then my AT Max and I took the lead and ended up stumbling onto a sweet 88-90 signal. I sunk my shovel into the soil and cut a nice deep plug. To my surprise, the pinpointer didn’t quite have it in range yet, so I cut another few inches down, and out popped this beautiful 62 regiment British belt plate! Awesome way to start off the year and a memory I will cherish forever!”

Thoren P. WINS an ACE Apex metal detector. CONGRATULATIOINS!!!
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Congratulations to our second U.S. winner Nicole B. for Vaughan’s favorite find of the month.

Success Story: “I was detecting in my Ohio farm field and came across a New York Militia button from the early 1800s (approx. 1800- 1830). After some research, I discovered that a band of troops had moved through my area during the War of 1812 headed for Detroit, MI. Such a cool piece of history.”

Check out Nicole’s channel: Ohio Metal Maven - YouTube

Nicole B. WINS an ACE Apex metal detector!!!
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