MAY 2021 WINNER!!!

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My US Favorite Find for May 2021 is the Engagement Ring Recovery, found by Burgess S. from South Carolina with the AT Max, 5x8 coil, and Pro-Pointer AT (Carrot).

Burgess’s success story: Mr. Garrett, I wanted to share my find story, not to the fact that I found the ring but I got to give it back to someone who thought they would never see it again. I was contacted by a woman in her 60s who had lost her engagement ring EIGHT years ago. The woman explained to me how the ring was lost; her dog ate joke.

She said her dog loves to eat shiny objects and the ring was on the coffee table when she went to bed. The next morning she could not find her ring anywhere, throughly checking the house, only then did she suspect the dog might have eaten the ring. The woman and her husband have searched the backyard (for 8 years now), where the dog would have “processed the ring out”, even renting a detector, only to find frustration and disappointment.

This story is more amazing to the fact that the woman and her husband will be moving soon due to selling their house. She said this hunt is her last try before giving up all hope to see the ring again.

When I arrived I found her backyard to be approximately 400' x 600'. I asked her the most probable locations the dogs usually go to the restroom and she pointed out about 8 large, different spots, but these were only guesses. I explained to her that I would give it my best shot. I started working, very diligently, still not knowing exactly where in the vast yard the ring could be. Slowly sweeping an inch above the grass, I walked my lines in overlapping patterns. In the first hour of hunting I dug about 30 holes. Two holes contained personalized pet dogs tags, those dogs long ago deceased. She had not seen those tags in years which brought back to her fond memories.

About the two hour mark I heard a clear but jumpy medium/high tone to which I cut a 6" deep plug and lifted it up, seeing nothing. I stuck my Garrett Pro-Pointer in the hole, and it alerted! I moved some dirt and found a piece of aluminum. I thought to myself, “well that must be it but I’ll re-check the hole/plug”. (Always recheck). The pin-pointer did not signal to anything else in the hole but when I checked the bottom of the plug the pointer alerted to metal. I scratched away the dirt and saw the edge of a white gold ring! How absolutely amazing! I found her ring!

Walking across the yard, I told her that “miracles do happen and that the ring and her were destined to be together!” She was overjoyed, holding her ring after 8 years, something she thought she would never wear on her finger again! Her and her husband thanked me profusely!

There is no doubt this is absolutely my best metal detecting find to date and possibly may be my best find ever! I just wanted to share my story, and to thank you Mr. Garrett for making such awesome detectors.
Warm regards,

Burgess S. WINS an ACE Apex metal detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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