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Congratulations to our September U.S. Favorite Finds winner Noah F. from Pennsylvania!

Noah’s dad lost his wedding band 11 years ago in their backyard. He shared, “My dad and I visited that spot almost every year and tried to find the ring, but we never could. I had saved enough money to purchase a Garrett AT Max, and learned how to use it rather quickly and with ease. I changed the tone on the AT Max so we could only hear signals between 45 and 70. After around thirty minutes of pulling a few pop tabs and my dad reenacting what happened, we found the ring!

“The AT Max gave us a good idea that the pop tabs were signals around 60 and we found the ring with a solid 51-52 signal.

“When we found the ring, my dad screamed with joy and hugged me so tight that I could not breath! My mom is really happy too because my mom and dad had matching wedding rings.”

Noah F. WINS an ACE Apex Metal Detector!
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