Detector de metales manual Garrett SuperWand

Detector de metales manual


Detector de metales manual Garrett SuperWand

Dignos De Confianza En Todo El Mundo
PN: 1165800 SuperWand Hand-Held Metal Detector
Campo De Detección De 360º Con Punta De Localización
El campo de detección de 360º de SuperWand proporciona una sensibilidad uniforme y una punta para detectar armas y otros objetos metálicos con una precisión extrema.

A Reliable Hand Held Metal Detector

The Garrett SuperWand represents top-class reliability and precision in the field of metal detection for secondary screening. Crafted with the needs of security professionals in mind, this hand-held metal detector wand is an essential tool for ensuring safety at airports, sports events, and various security checkpoints. Its advanced technology detects a wide range of metal objects with extreme accuracy, including knives, guns, and other weapons.

Unique Features

  • High Sensitivity Detection: 360-degree detection field with advanced magnetic technology for accurate identification of metallic objects.
  • Efficient Power Management: Users don't have to worry about getting a new battery. This includes one 9 V battery with up to 80 hours of operation and an optional environmentally friendly rechargeable battery kit.
  • Advanced Technology: This detector is self-calibrating, eliminating the need for adjustable sensitivity settings:
  • LED Lights: Features three-color LED indication. Green LED = on, Amber LED = low battery, and red LED = alarm.
Vídeo De Vista Previa De Superwand®
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Indicación LED de tres coloresLED verde = ENCENDIDO
ControlesInterruptor de alimentación (audible/apagado/silencioso)
Interruptor de eliminación de interferencias
Frecuencia de audioSonido de 2 kHz
Temperaturas de funcionamiento-35º F (-37º C) a 158º F (70º C)
Ancho3,25" (8.3 cm)
Espesor1,25" (3.2 cm)
Longitud19" (48.3 cm)
Peso total18,6 oz (527 g)
Pat. de EE. UU.D459246S
Requisitos de la bateríaUna, 9 V (incluida). Proporciona hasta 80 horas de funcionamiento normal.
Garantía2 años, garantía limitada de piezas y mano de obra


How does this handheld metal detector wand work?

The SuperWand generates a magnetic field around its detection area. When a metal object enters the field, the wand alerts the security guard with audible beeps or vibration alerts, depending on the chosen setting.

Is the SuperWand easy to use for general security operations?

Yes, this detector is designed for simplicity. Thanks to the one-touch button operation, it's easy to switch between on, off, and silent modes during your searches.

What are the benefits of having dual alarm modes?

Depending on the environment where you're searching, users may want the silent/vibration mode for less noticeable detecting experiences. Users might prefer the clear audible mode for better communication.
Three year warranty on limited parts and labor

Garrett detectors, pinpointers, and searchcoils now come with a 3 Year Warranty.

Accesorios de SuperWand® y THD™
Kit De Batería Recargable
110 V. N.º de pieza 1612000
220 V. N.º de pieza 1612100

Incluye un cargador y dos (2) baterías de Ni-MH sin cadmio respetuosos con el medio ambiente.

Aviso: Este kit también se puede utilizar con el Super Scanner® V para cargar su batería recargable externamente.
220V Part No. 1612100

Includes two (2) environmentally friendly Cadmium free Ni MH batteries and charger.

Note: This kit can also be used with the all other handhelds for charging its rechargeable battery externally.
Funda Para Cinturón
N.º de pieza: 1620300
Hecha con material de tejido balístico duradero y se puede montar en el cinturón.
Para su uso con SuperWand.
Garrett Handheld Test Kit
Garrett Handheld Test Kit

Part No. 1626100

Test kit for Garrett hand-held metal detectors (Super Scanner V, SuperWand, and THD). Includes test case, OTP, and test spacers.