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Reaper Power
Garrett introduces its new 14” x 11” DD Reaper searchcoil for AT, ACE, and Apex series metal detectors. This coil provides a 25% increase in ground coverage as compared to Garrett’s 8.5” x 11” DD Raider coils. Leave the aftermarket big coils behind. The Reaper offers a significant increase in detection depth on medium to large-sized targets, while still maintaining excellent detection on small targets.

Vipers Unleashed for ACE / AT
The powerful 6" x 11" DD Viper searchcoil included on the Garrett Apex detector is now available for other Garrett detectors. The AT Viper coil is designed specifically for use on Garrett AT Max, AT Pro, and AT Gold detectors. The ACE Viper coil is made for existing (non-Apex) metal detectors, such as: ACE 400, ACE 300, ACE 250, ACE 200, ACE 150, etc.

Nothing strikes like a Viper!

ACE Apex Searchcoils

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