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Enjoy nearly 20 years of Garrett Searcher newsletters at your fingertips! This digital library, dating back to early 2001, includes hundreds of pages of treasure finds made by Garrett customers.

In an effort to “go green” and save paper, Garrett’s treasure finds are now presented on social media on such apps as Facebook and Instagram. This allows Garrett customers to see great finds being made by others on a daily basis and to share their own recent favorite finds.

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May 20212.1 МБ
March 2, 20213.87 МБ
July 14, 20204.94 МБ
June 17, 20203.95 МБ
May 18, 20203.78 МБ
April 9, 20201.34 МБ
Feb 20196.32 МБ
Fall 201811.53 МБ
Jan 20185.8 МБ
July 20175.24 МБ
Apr 201715.37 МБ
Nov 201611.59 МБ
Fall 201617.66 МБ
June 201614 МБ
Mar 20168.56 МБ
Fall 20154.08 МБ
Summer 20157.36 МБ
March 20155.73 МБ
Winter 20158.24 МБ
Oct 20148.92 МБ
Sep 20144.94 МБ
July 20146.84 МБ
May 20147.18 МБ
Winter 201412.61 МБ
Winter 201314.98 МБ
Fall 20135.49 МБ
Summer 20138.83 МБ
Spring 20137.04 МБ
Fall 20126.28 МБ
Summer 20123.87 МБ
Spring 20124.96 МБ
Winter 20113.54 МБ
Fall 20114.69 МБ
Summer 20115.05 МБ
Spring 20113.27 МБ
Fall 20106.24 МБ
Spring 20108.28 МБ
Fall 20097.43 МБ
Summer 20092.99 МБ
Spring 20092.98 МБ
Fall 20082.66 МБ
Spring 20082.97 МБ
Fall 20072.39 МБ
Spring 20072.9 МБ
Fall 20062.23 МБ
Spring 2006910.39 КБ
Fall 2005946.96 КБ
Spring 2005865.31 КБ
Fall 20041.05 МБ
Spring 2003994.01 КБ
Fall 20021.39 МБ
Spring 2002575.79 КБ
Spring 2001461.87 КБ
Fall 2001474.46 КБ