Garrett SmartScan

Garrett SmartScan

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Integrated System for Garrett PD 6500i ™ and MZ 6100
1178000 SmartScan, Thermal Screening, 30"
1178020 SmartScan, Thermal Screening, 32.5" (32.5" ADA-compliant passageway)
Garrett® SmartScan™ Overview

Man walking though a Metal Detector with SmartSan added

Upgrade your Garrett PD 6500i or MZ 6100 walk-through metal detector with the SmartScan thermal screening system.
Effortless temperature screening. Garrett SmartScan™ technology allows body temperature measurements to be taken during your normal security screening with no extra hassle or anxiety. Seamless integration of SmartScan into Garrett walk-through metal detectors allows your security checkpoint to become an efficient, multi-functional no-contact station.


  • Cost effective, fast temperature detection of incoming traffic
  • Does not slow down existing screening process
  • No technical staff needed to make initial temperature evaluations, reducing staffing costs and the potential for human error
  • Battery-operated for ease of use and optimal flexibility
  • Intuitive status indicators for startup, calibration, misreads, and elevated temperature alarms
  • A constant temperature reference is not required for operation
  • Visual and audible alarm options
  • No dangerous cords or cables or unstable tripod required. No additional components that require floor space.
  • Quick start operation (single button to power on and begin using)
  • Avoids false alarming by intelligently blocking non-facial high temperature sources that would mistakenly trigger an alarm

Contactless, cost effective metal detection and temperature scanning offers peace of mind for your patrons.


No extra screening step is required to take temperatures. The SmartScan system will scan temperatures, discretely provide a “Go” or “No Go” indication to the operator, and allow guests to proceed through the detector with no delays.

Temperature detection and metal detection functions may be used independently or together for simultaneous operation.

This solution is offered as an add-on accessory for new Garrett PD 6500i or MZ 6100 walk-through metal detectors or it can be easily retrofitted into already-installed Garrett PD or MZ detectors. Garrett’s Quick-Q™ cellphone elimination technology can be used in conjunction with SmartScan to further expedite the screening process and promote touchless screening.

Simultaneous health and safety screening with no long lines!
Fully HIPAA compliant
Note: measurements taken from SmartScan should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or rule out a diagnosis for any disease. An elevated body temperature indication from Smartscan should be secondarily confirmed by qualified personnel according to your health screening practices and procedures using medical-grade equipment.
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