Protect Your Operations

Garrett is committed to enhancing security protocols, protecting our industrial infrastructure, preventing theft, and ultimately creating a safe environment for operations and your workforce.




Metal Detectors for Industrial Facilities


Effectively screen individuals for unauthorized metal objects and contraband weapons, and ensure only authorized personnel are coming into your premises.

  • Multiple frequencies enhance immunity to environmental interference.
  • Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Targets
  • Ambiscan Directional Screening (Paragon exclusive)
  • Easy to Install
  • Fully Mobile
  • Complete Security Checkpoint
  • Integration-friendly
  • Remote Checkpoint Monitoring and Management


Conduct targeted searches for contraband, dangerous metals, and security threats. Swiftly scan individuals, packages, and specific areas to enhance security and protect your premises. Keep your security maximally mobile.

  • Ultimate Sensitivity
  • Pinpoint Threats & Metallic Objects
  • Self-Calibrating
  • Portable Scanners
  • Audio and Visual Alarms
  • Extremely Durable

Safety & Security

Safety First, Security Always

Catch the entry of potential threats, unauthorized metallic objects, and contraband weapons that can threaten your employees, equipment, and infrastructure. Proactively scan personnel when they enter your facility to detect threats such as weapons or dangerous tools. Using metal detectors at entrance checkpoints ensures that no contraband metallic items are entering the premises.

Efficient Search

Pinpoint Threats

Utilize our hand-held wands and pinpointers to precisely locate potential threats like knives, guns, and even heavy tools. You can conduct precise and accurate targeted searches of employees and visitors, recover small metal items, and keep your facility secure.

Theft and Loss Prevention Detection

Secure Your Assets

Keep valuable metallic assets inside your premise including tools, fasteners, and electronics. Our metal detectors deter and prevent the removal of company equipment and assets. Secure your site and minimize the risk of shrinkage or theft with metal detection equipment at key exit points.

Prevent Sabotage

Fortifying the Grid

Because industrial and utility facilities are critical to our infrastructure, they can become targets for sabotage. Metal detectors and security checkpoints help eliminate threats to critical infrastructure and prevent costly downtime due to sabotage.

Industrial Applications for Metal Detectors

Utilities Infrastructure

Protect critical infrastructure and equipment from potential threats to ensure smooth operation and safety. Ensure uninterrupted access to utilities for society with security metal detectors. Some of these facilities include:

  • Power Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Gas Distribution Facilities
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Renewable Energy Installations
  • Nuclear power plants

Transportation Hubs

The smooth operation of transportation hubs helps people flow freely, which is important for societal development. It’s important to keep these hubs safe. This process involves scanning both passengers and staff for any illicit metal objects, such as weapons or contraband, enhancing the security of everyone in the vicinity.

Manufacturing Plants

Protect your manufacturing plant with metal detectors at entrances and enhance quality control with handheld detectors for pinpointing during the manufacturing process. When you’re supplying crucial consumer goods, you must protect your manufacturing plant and your end users.


Facilities constantly have valuable parts and goods on their production lines, and metal detectors will help protect your facility from disruption and theft. Enhance security and prevent theft inside your factory by detecting and deterring metallic threats and thefts.

Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Warehouses and distribution centers transfer goods all day long. Reduce the risk of theft, protect your inventory, ensure the safe transfer of goods, and maintain a secure working environment for your staff by using metal detecting devices.

Garrett Metal Detectors

Industrial Facilities’ Go-To Metal Detection Manufacturer

Industrial facilities play an indispensable role around the world ensuring an efficient production process, distribution, and utilization of vital resources. These facilities form the backbone of modern infrastructure, enabling everyday activities, powering economic growth, producing essential goods for society, and fostering innovation. Protect your facility from contraband, theft, and threats with Garrett Metal Detectors. With decades of experience, Garrett Metal Detectors has become the go-to solution for facilities seeking uncompromising security and protection. From walk-through detectors that fortify facility entrances to pinpointers and handheld wands that streamline search operations, our range of industrial metal detectors is specifically designed to meet the intensive qualifications of our society’s most important industrial, utility, and manufacturing industry facilities. Learn more about our industry-leading 3-year warranty or reach out to buy here.