Garrett Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Best in Class Security
The Garrett Paragon sets a standard for high-security metal detection. It's connectable, adaptable, and reliable, making it essential for stadiums, courthouses, theme parks, and schools. With 200 sensitivity levels, this detector identifies metal content of various sizes, from cell phones to small objects hidden in clothing or bags.

  • 66 Zones
  • Ambiscan Directional Screening
  • Bilateral Detection
  • Touchless Programming with NFC
  • 200 Sensitivity Levels




Meets The World's Highest Test Certifications.
The Garrett PD 6500i provides uniform detection and precise pinpointing, meeting the certifications of various international airports. It's designed to answer a wide variety of security applications, such as events, stadiums, and other large public spaces.

  • Flagship performance
  • Thermal Screening System Accessory
  • 33 Pinpoint Zones
  • Bilateral detection
Fast, Easy, Versatile Security
This user-friendly metal detector has 20 distinct zones, allowing for the precise location of one or more metal objects simultaneously. With over 15 application programs, this detector ensures a thorough and efficient security screening process for various environments.

  • Budget-friendly Safety
  • 20 Detection Zones
  • Auto-Scan Function
  • Enhanced access control
Garrett offers a variety of accessories to further enhance the functionality and efficiency of walk-through detectors at various security checkpoints. Whether it's hand-held metal detectors for secondary screening of people, divesting slides for increased throughput, or the SmartScan thermal screening system, we extend the capabilities of your security system.


With decades of experience and a commitment to quality, Garrett is the go-to choice for security professionals worldwide. With a rigorous testing process and adherence to the highest standards, we ensure that each product exceeds the expectations of the most demanding security environments. Whether for everyday safety or high-profile events, our walk-through metal detectors deliver unmatched performance and efficiency. Choose Garrett today!

Garrett's metal detectors provide reliable security screening solutions. We ensure that everyone who passes through our security equipment is thoroughly scanned for any concealed weapons or potentially harmful metal objects. By integrating advanced detection features and real-time response capabilities, our systems manage security demands in any size venue. With Garrett detectors, security personnel can focus on their core responsibilities, confident that effective safety measures are in place.

Our metal detectors are versatile and effective across a wide range of environments, ensuring safety and security wherever they are installed.

We protect individuals by detecting potential threats before they arise, which helps maintain high-security standards essential in these environments.

Metal detectors use advanced technology to create an electromagnetic field that detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals. As individuals pass through the detector, a metal object, such as smartphone devices or belt buckles, disrupts the field and triggers an alert. Alerts are carefully analyzed to determine if they're an actual threat versus false alarms.

These detectors have multiple detection zones that identify the exact location of the metal, improving accuracy. Adjustable sensitivity settings also allow the detectors to be tailored for various environments, ensuring the most efficient screening process.