Vaughan Garrett’s Favorite Finds

Each month, Vaughan will pick his Favorite Find of the month for the U.S. and International. For each winner, he will give away a Garrett product of his choosing, such as the ACE Apex. At least two winners each month!
Latest Winners
Click one of the boxes below to see either the latest U.S. or International Winners. Previous winners can also be seen in these galleries.

Rules / Disclaimer
Simply submit your favorite find photo and story. (Three ways: online form, via mail, or email). Everyone who submits will get a FREE thank you gift.

This is a continually-running event, where entries are received from the first to the last day of each month. On or about the 15th day of the next month, Vaughan will announce his winners—selected from everyone who entered during the previous month.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to submit a personal treasure hunting success story with Garrett Metal Detectors. Every time a personal treasure hunting story is submitted, I become excited for the treasure hunter who made it happen.

Each month I will select one local (United States) and one International success story as my favorite submission. Each of these selected treasure hunters will receive one ACE Apex as my way of saying thanks to those persons who took the time to get out there, discover that treasure, and submit their story to Garrett. Each month my column will be presented on, and on official Garrett social media apps, such as Facebook. Happy hunting and good fortune!

DISCLAIMER: Vaughan Garrett’s Favorite Find of the Month
  • No purchase is required. Simply submit your favorite treasure hunting story and photos for a chance to be selected.
  • Indicate which Garrett detector you used to make your Favorite Find.
  • Please do not submit the same Favorite find more than once. Feel free, however, to submit new discoveries as you make them.
  • These can be submitted via email to or by regular mail to Garrett’s main address.
  • Stories and photos submitted between the first and last day of each month will be reviewed by Vaughan Garrett after the last date of each month. Vaughan will post his selected winner around the 15th day of the following month on the website and on Garrett social media.
  • One ACE Apex (or other Garrett product of Vaughan’s choice) will be mailed for the selected “Favorite Find of the Month.” Please include your address and phone number with your Favorite Find submission. Your address and phone number will not be published.
  • By submitting your Favorite Find entry, you are authorizing Garrett to use your testimonial for future social media postings, website display, inclusion in future catalogs, or other marketing materials.
  • For ANY Garrett customer who submits a new story and/or photo, Garrett will ship a thank-you item.
  • You must submit the following photo to be eligible to win:
    • Position the object found on or next to your Garrett metal detector.
    • Suggested Additional Photos: Posing with your find, the find next to the plug, a close up in your hand, on your control box, at the location you found it, you with your detector, etc.
  • Please note that we will ask for additional photos or information to verify the authenticity of your submission.
  • We reserve the right to select an alternative winner if we believe that the submission may be fraudulent or the find could not be verified.
  • Winners should expect their prize to ship within 30 days to allow time for verification.

Each story has elements of excitement, expertise, effort, emotion, and sometimes just plain ol’ good fortune. Each month I will select MY favorite find, selected from the submit-a-story testimonials which are sent in by Garrett treasure hunters world-wide. My criteria will be based on what excites ME the most. It’s not always the rarest find or the most valuable that touches me. It may be a great find, a great story, a great photograph, a great history lesson, or maybe a great heart-felt emotion. If I don’t select your find one month, please don’t be discouraged. Submit a new story next month.
Submit a Story
You could be featured!
Garrett customers who submit a testimonial story and photo(s) often end up on our Garrett website, on our social media apps (such as Facebook and Instagram), in our catalogs, or even in a Sport Division advertisement!

Our thanks to you...
For any Garrett customer who properly submits a true metal detecting success story and photo, Garrett will send you a thank you gift. In 2022, such items will include a patch or even a new ACE Apex for the people that Vaughan picks as his monthly Favorite Finds. (Prize items subject to change at Vaughan’s discretion.)

By submitting your entry, you authorize Garrett Electronics Inc. to use your words and/or images for our newsletters, catalogs, social media or other commercial marketing purposes. Please be aware that there is NO financial or other remuneration for said usage beyond the thank-you gift items described above.

1. SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY, by using the form below.

2. EMAIL. For email, please include the following:
  • A brief story about your discovery and a photo
  • What Garrett metal detector you were using
  • Clear, in focus photos of the item(s) you found (original, high resolution files over 500k are preferred; 3 inches at 300 dpi resolution is best)
  • Your full name and shipping address for thank-you gift
  • Attach photos to email and send to

3. MAIL. You can also drop us a letter with your photo and story to:

Garrett Metal Detectors
Marketing Department
1881 W. State St.
Garland, TX 75042

Please do not write on the back of photos if you are sending in hard copies.

Please note that you must include a shipping address if you would like Garrett to send you a thank-you gift.
Example: Coin, Morgan, 1890
We prefer that you send photos of the highest possible quality. Image attachments should be in JPG format and should not exceed 4MB (each) in size. Limit 2 images.
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