MAY 2021 WINNER!!!

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My international Favorite Find for May 2021 is the Golden Byzantine Cross, found by Roman Y. from Europe with the AT Max.

Roman’s success story: Garrett the BEST. Good day, dear GARRETT company! I am a longtime fan of your metal detectors. I started my search with the Garrett ACE 250 and continue with the Garrett AT MAX. On the eve of Victory Day, May 8, I had a day off. I drove out to a field that had been knocked out long ago. Previously, it contained Roman coins and fragments of antique ceramics.

You just won’t believe what I found! After about an hour of searching, I heard a weak, barely audible signal in the headphones! Oh yeah! Great, professional headphones, help you find very interesting targets! I started digging! And suddenly, something yellow appeared from the breast of the earth. It took me a while to realize what it was. But having cleared the find from the ground, my eyes looked at it for a long time and in surprise. Can not be! It’s just magic! Golden Byzantine cross!!! And I found it with Garrett AT MAX! This was the largest find possible in this field! It was a delight!

Thank you, dear Garrett, for unforgettable emotions!

Roman Y. WINS an ACE Apex Metal Detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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My second international Favorite Find for May 2021 is the Golden Aureus of Septimius Severus Coin, found by Sergey M. from Europe with the AT Pro.

Sergey’s success story: My first gold coin! Greetings to the wonderful company Garrett! I hasten to share with you my new find! On the first of May, right on International Labor Day, I came across a gorgeous gold coin! After passing the field in length and across, all day long, my dear Garrett AT PRO caught a signal. The coin was not deep from the surface. As it turned out, it was a gold Roman coin! Oh my God! My eyes didn't immediately believe it!

It turned out to be a genuine golden Aureus of Septimius Severus (AD 193-211)! On the reverse there is a portrait of Yulia Domna, his wife. After such finds, emotions just go off scale !!! And there is enough inspiration for many, many years to come! Thanks Garrett !!! Yours faithfully, Sergey.

Sergey M. WINS an ACE Apex Metal Detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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