At Garrett Metal Detectors, we design and manufacture security metal detectors that ensure safety, security, and peace of mind for any size venue. Our equipment is designed with advanced technology to detect a wide range of metal objects and is trusted worldwide for school safety, special events, and critical infrastructure protection. These systems help deter potential threats and improve security efficiency, making them ideal for high-traffic areas and sensitive environments.
At Garrett, we design top-quality hand-held metal detectors that serve as essential tools for security and safety. Used as either a primary screening or secondary screening tool, these detectors accurately pinpoint metal targets recognized by a walk-through metal detector. Ideal for more detailed security checks or on-the-go screening, these detectors combine high sensitivity with reliability, ensuring that no metallic object goes undetected.
Effortless temperature screening with Garrett SmartScan™ technology

Bringing Garrett’s long tradition of educating and empowering our end users to the next level, the Garrett Virtual Academy is a free video-based training platform designed to help supervisors and staff acquire the expertise they need to set up and operate a modern walkthrough metal detector checkpoint.