Garrett Recon Pro Accessories

Recon Pro Accessories

Garrett Recon Pro Accessories

Select the right accessories to complete your Recon Pro All Metals Locator kit.
Travel Cases
Hard Case for Compact Kit
Part No. 1624400

G.S.A. Contract Holder
Field Back Pack
Part No. 1624100
Sturdy handle and back pack straps. Designed to hold detector with UXO coil attached.
Compact Shoulder Back Pack
Part No. 1624800
Designed for detector with 20cm mono coil attached.
Underwater Headset
Fully waterproof.
Part No. 2202101

G.S.A. Contract Holder
MS-2 Headset
4-pin headphones.
Part No. 1627340
Low Profile Tactical Headset
Waterproof to 3 meters.
Part No. 1624500

G.S.A. Contract Holder
Miscellaneous / Suggested Accessories
Part No. 1140920
This fully waterproof secondary search tool pinpoints metallic items to expedite the excavation process.

G.S.A. Contract Holder
Battery Charger
Part No. 1624300

G.S.A. Contract Holder
Tool Kit
Part No. 1625100
This field repair kit includes the tools required to service the RECON-PRO. Includes tamper proof screw driver, spanner wrench for stem maintenance and silicon grease for o-ring seals.
Target Test Piece
Part No. 1624600

G.S.A. Contract Holder
Batter Holder (2 required)
Part No. 9434100
NiMH Battery
(8 required)
Part No. 9434200

G.S.A. Contract Holder
Shaft Nut Spanner Wrench
Part No. 1625200
Recon-Pro AML 1000 Field Guide
Part No. 1532800
Recon-Pro AML 750 Field Guide
Part No. 1555800