Garrett Recon Pro Accessories

Recon Pro Accessories

Garrett Recon Pro Accessories

Select the right accessories to complete your Recon Pro All Metals Locator kit.
Travel Cases
Hard Transportation Case Standard Green
Part No. 1626500

  • Hard IP67 case protects detector
  • Large enough to hold UXO search head

G.S.A. Contract Holder
Soft Carry Case
Part No. 1616700

  • Black zipper case with sturdy handle and removable shoulder strap.
  • Designed to hold detector with any coil attached.
Coil Covers
Protect your investment. Coil covers protect your searchcoil from scratching and chipping during use.
8" Mono Closed Coil Cover
Part No. 1607700
10" x 12" DD Open Coil Cover
Part No. 1607500
10" x 12" DD Closed Coil Cover
Part No. 1607600
11" x 13" Closed Coil Cover
Part No. 9883600
15" x 20" Mono Open Coil Cover
Part No. 1608200
15" x 20" Mono Closed Coil Cover
Part No. 1608300
Garrett® Submersible Headphones
Part No. 2202101

  • Fully waterproof
  • Garrett 4-pin connector
  • Padded ear cups
  • Used for both AML-750 and AML-1000.

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Garrett® MS-2 Land Headphones
Part No. 1627340

  • Headphones for land use (not submersible).
  • Garrett 2-pin connector.
  • Padded ear cups
  • Used for both AML-750 and AML-1000.
Low Profile Tactical Headset
Part No. 1624500

  • Waterproof to 10 feet (3 meters) maximum.
  • Bone conducting tactical headset
  • Only used with AML-1000.

G.S.A. Contract Holder
Miscellaneous / Suggested Accessories
AA Battery Charger Kit
Part No. 1624300

  • One USB power charger with International power adapters (Part No. 1629100)
  • One charger cartridge for 8x AA batteries and Mini-USB to USB A cable (Part No.1624320)
  • One 12V cigarette to 2x USB A power charger, 2.4A (Part No. 9445800)
  • NiMH battery not included.

G.S.A. Contract Holder
Target Test Piece
Part No. 1624600

G.S.A. Contract Holder
NiMH Battery
Part No. 9434200

  • One AA battery
  • Rechargeable
  • Eight required for AML-750 and AML-1000

G.S.A. Contract Holder
Shaft Nut Spanner Wrench
Part No. 1625200
Detector Sling
Part No. 1626300

  • Slip arm through padded loop, run strap along top of your back and then over swinging shoulder to detector.
  • Reduce fatigue to arm, shoulder and wrist
  • For use with AML-750 and AML-1000