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My United States Favorite Find for February 2021 is the 1924-1925 King County Special Deputy Sheriff Badge, found by Matthew B. from New Jersey with his AT Pro.

Garrett success story: While metal detecting today February 17, 2021 in Burlington County, New Jersey with the AT Pro, I dug this badge. After getting home and revealing more details on the badge and doing research, it turns out the man who received the badge, Mr. Edward E Rutter, was the official photographer for Brooklyn and more specifically he captured a lot of photos of the construction of Coney Island Boardwalk.

Editor’s note: This Special Deputy Sheriff’s badge is personalized. The recipient’s name, Edward E Rutter, is inscribed on the backside. Perhaps his standing as Special Deputy Sheriff allowed him to move freely to capture photography of the booming Brooklyn.

Matthew B. WINS an ACE APEX metal detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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My Second United States Favorite Find for February 2021 is the North Carolina Civil War Button, found by Shawn S. from North Carolina with his Apex.

Shawn’s success story: I have been searching for a virgin site for a few years now. One that held 1800-1900’s relics, coins, jewelry and many surprises. While doing some research in an area that I had recently received permission to explore, I plotted a few early 1900’s homesites on my phone to check out. One day, I went to my third plotted homesite and scored an 1858 seated half dime, 181? large cent, Civil War eagle button, Civil War three ringer all on the first day! Super excited, I couldn’t wait to come back the next day, then the next and the next.

I decided to use a combination of two machines on this permission, various coils to see what else I could find. I was using the Garrett AT-MAX and the Garrett Ace APEX. I would start with one and then switch to the other.

Finally on my sixth or seventh trip out and while using the Garrett Ace APEX with the Viper coil, I get this screaming 76 ID. I pop the sandy cotton field plug. Not finding the target right away, I grab my Pro-Pointer and it’s in the above side wall. I use my hands to scrape the sand out until I see a round item pop out. As I grab a hold and begin to wipe the sand off from the face of the item, I start to see something amazing and start to shake with excitement! I couldn’t believe my eyes as I read “NORTH CAROLINA” and see a sunburst in the middle of what looked to be a button. I flip it over and sure enough there is a shank too! Now I’m very excited, I snap a few pictures then a quick video for my future YouTube video. I couldn’t wait to share this item with my friends and followers, so I went to Facebook and went live!

I later found out from a buddy who had a book titled “North Carolina Civil War Buttons” by the late Terry Teff, this button is Ultra Super Rare! Only 1 of 8 (now) known to exist! I couldn’t believe I had just unearthed such a rare and amazing piece of North Carolina, Civil War and American history!

Shawn S. WINS. an ACE APEX metal detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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