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Garrett Metal Detectors is dedicated to preventing school violence by keeping contraband weapons out of our schools.

Evaluating School Security

What You Need To Know.

Myths about Metal Detectors in Schools.

Let’s clear the air around school security. To help bridge the gap between school leaders and parents, here are the top 3 metal detector myths we’ve encountered when working with schools.

How Do Students Feel?

Laredo Independent School District made the proactive decision to acquire metal detectors before any major incident occurred. In this video, students share their feelings on the new security procedures.

How Do Others Feel?

The Santa Fe Independent School District in Texas was faced with a need to upgrade a security plan that was already compliant and robust. Now, they want to share their experience.

Parent or Educator?

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K-12 School Package

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Our K-12 package was designed to cater to schools’ needs. We have put together an all-inclusive package that will provide the highest level of security while still being functional and affordable.

Why Garrett Cares

Charles and Eleanor Garrett

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett


Charles and Eleanor Garrett brought Garrett Metal Detectors into the world of Security almost 40 years ago, but even though they are no longer with us, their legacy remains a powerful influence on the company today. Eleanor herself was a 5th generation Texas educator, and her love for children and their education still lies very close to the heart of our business.

We have inherited her passion, which is why we are proud to help make school communities safe and provide the proper resources to be successful.

Steve Novakovich

Steve Novakovich


As a fellow parent and school board member, our CEO Steve Novakovich was eager to be a part of the solution to the challenges schools face today.

He said, “While metal detection alone cannot safeguard our schools, only metal detection technology can provide the comfort of a true last line of defense which ensures weapons are not present in our nation’s classrooms.”

Mythbusters: Metal Detectors in Schools

MYTH: Metal detectors require lots of additional personnel to operate them

An important goal of the site assessment is to minimize the number of entrances that are open and staffed. In the morning, students arrive at just a few secure entrances where they are screened promptly as they arrive. Once the morning rush is complete, only a single checkpoint entrance remains open, reducing the need for staffing for the rest of the day. Additionally, this is a frequent topic of competitor obfuscation – Garrett checkpoints can typically be staffed at fewer than 3 people per machine. Garrett does recommend that a campus law enforcement officer or some other trained security professional be stationed at each checkpoint.

MYTH: Metal detectors will make my school feel like a prison

The perception of metal detectors continues to evolve as people gain greater exposure to them at airports, sporting events, concert venues, amusement parks, and other public sites. A child’s first encounter with a security metal detector is more likely to be at an airport or sports arena than a prison. For many parents, the question has moved from, “Why should our school buildings feel like prisons?” to, “Why are our prisons, airports, and stadiums safer than our schools?”. A well-run metal detector checkpoint brings safety and peace of mind without causing a significant slowdown to the school day during ingress.

MYTH: Metal detectors can’t achieve the results of “weapons detectors”

This claim, which often originates from misleading marketing by weapons detector companies and a lack of public education on modern security technologies, is false in two ways. First, it appears to draw a contrast between metal detectors and weapons detectors when in fact most weapons detectors are simply rebranded metal detectors marketed towards mass-transit applications. Second, metal detectors can achieve similar throughput and detection results to weapons detectors, but it is by lowering their detection settings below the normal levels for most security applications. Modern metal detectors exceed the detection capabilities of these weapons detectors, but are perfectly capable of lowering the rigor of their detection.

MYTH: Metal detectors will make students late to class

With a proper site assessment, the number of detectors can be optimized to mitigate or even eliminate lines. Staff training and operation guidelines, machine placement and configuration, and student education and preparation all come together in a successful implementation. For decades now, metal detectors have effectively and efficiently screened millions of guests at concerts, sporting events, airports, amusement parks, and government buildings around the world.

What Schools Can Use Garrett Metal Detectors?

Children learning in class
Whether you're overseeing a bustling high school, a dynamic middle school, an energetic elementary school, or an alternative school, Garrett Metal Detectors has got you covered. We cover private and public schools with the intent of keeping kids safe.

No power? No problem! With an impressive 10-hour battery life, our metal detectors can operate without access to power or even during temporary power outages, ensuring uninterrupted security screening. They're also designed to withstand weather, as they are waterproof and can be set up outside. Furthermore, their included casters allow for easy mobility, enabling you to strategically move them in and out of entrances as needed. Don’t let anything get in the way of your kid’s security, we’ve thought of it all. We understand that initial installation can be daunting for school officials, but our metal detectors are preventative security measures to keep students safe and come with a variety of features and training for a smooth transition.

Benefits of Metal Detectors in Schools

Happy children walking down school hall

Parent, Student, and Public Peace of Mind:

When parents send their children off to school, they deserve to feel confident in their safety. By implementing metal detectors, you provide an additional layer of protection that brings peace of mind to families, fellow students, and the wider community. It's about fostering an environment where everyone can focus on learning and personal growth, free from the constant worry of potential dangers.

Increased Situational Awareness:

Metal detectors are not just physical barriers; they significantly enhance situational awareness for security personnel and school administrators. By swiftly identifying potential risks, these devices empower you to respond proactively and mitigate threats effectively. With improved situational awareness, you can ensure a safer and more secure learning environment for everyone.

Prevention of Dangers:

The foremost goal of metal detectors is to prevent dangers before they have a chance to unfold. By effectively detecting concealed weapons and unauthorized items, these devices act as powerful deterrents against individuals with malicious intentions. By implementing metal detectors, you are taking a proactive stance in safeguarding your school community from potential harm.

Cost-Effective and High Return on Your Investment:

We understand the importance of balancing your budget while investing in security measures. Metal detectors provide a cost-effective solution with a high return on investment. By preventing security incidents and reducing liability risks, you can potentially save significant financial resources in the long run. Prioritizing school safety is an investment that pays dividends not only in the well-being of your students but also in the financial stability of your institution.

Seamless Integration with Current Security Measures:

We have options for your security program. Check out our metal detector wands or walk-through metal detectors to ensure the safety of your students. Our Garrett Metal Detectors seamlessly integrate with your current security infrastructure and protocols. They complement existing measures such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and security personnel, enhancing your overall security strategy. Combine all layers of security to protect your students throughout the school year.

How Many Schools Use Metal Detectors?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 2% of elementary schools, 7% of middle schools, and 10% of high schools in the U.S. use metal detectors.

School Metal Detectors from Garrett

School safety checkpoint

When it comes to the safety of your school settings, there's no room for compromise. Garrett Metal Detectors offers solutions with handheld and walk-through metal detectors that address the unique security challenges schools face. Contact us today to learn more about how our metal detectors can seamlessly integrate into your existing security measures and elevate your school's safety standards.

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