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My International Favorite Find for February 2021 is the Hoard of 54 Silver Roman Denarii, found by Maxim R. from Europe with his Ace 400i.

Maxim’s success story: Greetings to Garrett! My story is about how on February 14, Valentine’s Day, I discovered my first treasure. I arrived at the search field at about 9 am. After inserting new batteries into my beloved Garrett 400i, I decided to walk for a couple of hours. For an hour of searching, I came across a lot of garbage and the land did not bode well for anything interesting. But suddenly, the bell rang out that there is a relic! Oh yeah! These signals are what I love to dig! Ding, ding, ding! My Garrett was signaling non-ferrous metal clearly! Excitement seized me! Unfolding a lump of earth with a shovel, several coins jumped out to meet me! Blimey! I continued swinging the coil over the hole. The signals did not stop! My heart fluttered with joy! As a result, 54 silver Roman Denarii were found. Despite almost two thousand years, these coins lay in the ground, they are not badly preserved. It was a great holiday! More such finds :) Thank you, Garrett!

Maxim R. WINS an ACE APEX metal detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
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My Second International Favorite Find for February 2021 is the 107 BC. Roman Silver Dinar, found by Emily S. from Europe with her Ace 250.

Hubert’s success story: Dear Garrett Team. With this mail we would like to provide the following find from our daughter. Emily (11 years) is owner of the Garrett Ace 250 since 1 year and a big fan of her new hobby. Over the past months she already detected more than 100 coins: Kreuzer, Reichspfenning, Heller. One of her greatest favorite finds is the Silver Dinar from around 107 BC. We thank you and send you our best regards! Hubert and Emily S.

Emily S. WINS an ACE APEX metal detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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