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My International Favorite Find for July 2021 is the Prague Gross 1300 - 1305, Wenceslaw II, Kingdom of Bohemia Coin, discovered by Petr C. from Europe with his AT Max.

Petr’s success story: It was the twelfth of January, Christmas was finally over, and in the shop where I work, everything started to calm down at least a little. So I invite a friend from work to the detector and we go through the old carriages above the village. It’s snowing a little, it’s a few inches of snow on the ground and it’s freezing. We leave at 10am, one First Republic crown falls, two buttons, a cartridge case and three grunting savages. It looks miserable, my friend is freezing, so the decision is made to return home. But I still don’t turn off the detector, I don’t want to put up with a lousy treasure hunt.

Ten meters from the road, a double signal at 10 and 15 cm, 76, 78, 86, occasionally hums on the Garrett into the iron. I’m starting to dig, cursing at the supposed shotgun cartridge. It is stupidly traced between the roots. In the premonition of the shotgun, I angrily dig up with pickaxe. And then I dig out another handful of clay with my hand and the head of a lion and a piece of the inscription * GRO * laugh at me from the mud and snow. I just stare quietly and for the next few seconds my brain just doesn’t work. A friend behind me has already understood the critical information and is cursing at me. I’m still staring! I turn the coin and rub it. Only then I really realize what I found!

Petr C. WINS an ACE Apex Metal Detector! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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