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My International Favorite Find for June 2021 is the set of Three Gold Sovereigns, discovered by Mick S. from Australia with his AT-Max.

Mick’s success story: WOW!! The three gold coins I found happened on Sunday, June 12th. It was a awesome day weather wise. I was with a group of 5 other fellow detectorists (4 of them swinging Garretts). There was finds coming out everywhere, a lot of early English coins but also American coins, Californian goldfield buckles, and an American powder flask. Americans featured heavily during the Australian gold rush in the early 1850s.

I was teamed up with a friend who decided to walk left and I went right and as you can imagine straight in to the path of the gold. At first all I seen was one coin flick out of the hole and I knew straight away that it was a gold coin! What I did not know was he had friends and to my amazement there was three all up. The coins where 4 inches down and rang up a 66 signal on the AT MAX. The area I found them in was the Victorian goldfields here in Australia. The coins are British Sovereigns dated 1842, 1844, & 1852. Love your machines hope a new one comes out soon.

Mick S. WINS an ACE Apex Metal Detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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