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My International Favorite Find for March 2021 is the hoard of 15 Gold Coins of Tsar Nicholas II, found by Anatoly O. from Europe with his AT Pro.

Anatoly’s success story: Hello dear Garrett company! I want to show and tell about my first treasure. It all started with the fact that on my birthday, March 8, I decided to go dig. I found a place where a merchant once lived. I took my Garrett AT Pro metal detector and drove there. The place is very littered with modern rubbish. After signals from several cans, I got a great signal. Having dug up and saw another can, I already decided to go home. But on this jar, the patterns caught my eye. Looking closer, I realized that it was nothing more than a silver glass at the top, sealed with a silver pile with brands. The manufacturer’s brands have confirmed my guess - silverware from the Tsarist period of the 19th century! The glass was filled with a pile, and my imagination ran wild. Signals were still coming from this pit. In the end, I took out four more silver piles and a silver stand. In the end, I decided to open this glass. What I saw there made my heart pound in my chest! GOLD! GOLD! Result: a silver glass, stand, 5 piles, 15 gold coins of Tsar Nicholas II in denominations of 5 and 10 rubles (1896-1900). Thank you Garrett for the miracles you can allow us with your devices! It was a beautiful day!

Anatoly O. WINS an ACE Apex Metal Detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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