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My United States Favorite Find for August 2021 is the Love Story Diamond Wedding Set, found by Shawn J. from Nevada, with his Apex.

Shawn’s Success Story: I was meeting family for breakfast on my birthday and decided to arrive early so I could hunt a park next to the restaurant. I had never hunted this place before as it’s a newer park and I figured finds would be sparse. After 2 hours of digging the usual stuff, I was working on the last signal before leaving (family had arrived). At first glimpse, I thought it was just another pull ring. After further examination of the hole though, I realized it was a ring... but not just any ring. Pulling it out, I knew I had a monster in my hands! The wedding and engagement rings were melded together and covered in diamonds. It was stamped 14k with the name “Love Story”. I found the set online, its approx retail value was $3,300. Though I’d need to get it appraised to be certain, either way... some birthday luck was with me this year!

Shawn J. WINS an ACE Apex Metal Detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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