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My United States Favorite Find for January 2022 is the C.S.A. Confederate States of America Sword Belt Buckle, discovered by Eric F. from Georgia with his AT Max.

Eric’s success story: Gained a permission to metal detect a pre-civil war homesite. On a beautiful Sunday I was finding a few targets but no civil war items. While I was in the front yard on the northside of the house I got a mid 80 signal. Proceeded to dig a deep plug, checked the hole with the Garrett Pro-Pointer and no target found. Checked the plug and got a signal, opened the plug with my 2 hands and out dropped the buckle face down in the hole. I saw the back side with the 3-prongs and my heart skipped and quickly picked up the buckle and put it in my left shirt pocket. My heart and mind was racing with excitement but I held my excitement until I got back to truck. Once at my truck I was able to see the C.S.A. I felt so humbled and honored to find this relic.

Eric F. WINS an ACE Apex Metal Detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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