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My United States Favorite Find for October 2021 is the Gold Plated Russian Orthodox Cross, found by Bill W. from Washington with his Ace 300.

Bill’s success story: I’ve been metal detecting since early 2021. Covid-19 has made many of us feel isolated with the walls closing in. But just getting outside in the fresh air and seeing other people enjoying the outdoors has really helped. I’ve dug up over a thousand individual items since January but one of my favorites is this gold plated Russian Orthodox cross. The lettering Спаси means save, as well as Сохрани means save. Together this combination of words can mean bless and save (me). Every little child the the Orthodox religion receives such cross right after he or she is baptized with the same hope to be protected and saved by God. Ironically, this cross was dug up in a tiny city park only 200 feet from my back door!

Bill W. WINS an ACE Apex Metal Detector. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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