Garrett Metal Detector's History

Charles Garrett enlists in the U.S. Navy and attends a 6-month Electrician’s Mate School, which begins his formal education in electronics. He quickly advances to the rank of Electrician Mate 2nd Class Petty Officer and is placed in charge of the 14-man electrical department on board the USS Bottineau (APA 235), an attack troop transport, during the Korean War
After his service in the Navy, Charles Garrett marries Eleanor Smith of Pennington, Texas. Eleanor is an elementary school teacher with the Nederland, Texas, school system. Garrett enrolls at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and begins working towards his Bachelors of Science degree in electrical engineering.
Following Charles’ graduation from Lamar University, the family moves to Dallas, Texas, where Garrett begins working for Texas Instruments. He becomes an integral part of the company’s Space and Electronics division and helps design the solid-state amplifiers and power supplies for a data encoder which is used in the Mars-bound Mariner II spacecraft. He also designs the electronic radar scanning templates and controls for the F111 aircraft.
The Garretts move to the Garland, Texas, where Eleanor continues teaching school and Charles goes to work on earth science related projects as a Project Engineer with the Geotechnical Corporation. Among the devices he helps develop is advanced seismograph circuitry that is planted on the moon by Neil Armstrong in 1969.
Charles Garrett rents commercial metal detectors and finds them unsatisfactory. He begins work in the garage of his Garland home to design, develop and build better ground search metal detectors.
Eleanor and Charles Garrett establish their business April 1, 1964.

Garrett introduces the dual searchcoil Hunter, his first metal detector, to the market (retail price $145.00).
By 1967, Garrett competes with more than 35 companies who have a standing history of manufacturing and selling metal detectors. He recognizes early that his detectors must offer better searching capabilities than those available from his competitors.
Garrett continues to improve his metal detectors by traveling with his family to field test his inventions. First Garrett hobby trade show booth at the Prospector’s Club of Southern California, captures the attention of the country’s best known treasure hunting talent in the country.Garrett establishes the first distributor outlet, “Bowen’s Hideout,” a store owned by Harry and Lucille Bowen, in Spokane, Washington. Garrett begins setting up dealerships across the country.

Garrett becomes the first manufacturer to eliminate oscillator drift. His patented, revolutionary, independently-operated searchcoils greatly improve treasure hunting efficiency. Garrett patents a special coaxial searchcoil winding technique to become the first to overcome searchcoil drift. Many competitors close their doors as the Zero Drift Revolution, as it is now called, changes the metal detection industry forever.
The Zero Drift Revolution sparks an industry-wide movement to create technology that competes with Garrett’s new detectors.

Garrett Metal Detectors moves into a new 15,000 square foot facility and begins increasing production of its more sophisticated products. Garrett introduces the first low cost metal detector - The Mini Hunter.
Garrett introduces its first TR (Transmitter-Receiver) metal detector. Garrett TR models during this period include the Competition Master, the Master Hunter, and the Cache Hunter.
The Gravity Trap Gold Pan is designed and patented by Roy Lagal of Lewiston, Idaho. Garrett begins worldwide distribution of this pan, which continues to be the world’s most popular gold pan.

Charles Garrett publishes his first book, Successful Coin Hunting, and RAM Publishing is born.
Garrett designs his first push button retuning circuit.

The editor of a national treasure hunting publication, The Association, contacts Garrett and offers to sell his detectors and gold panning products. He encourages Garrett to write a series of articles about his adventures, metal detection designs, hunting tips and advanced electronics precious metals locating technology.
Garrett's engineering team, with Bob Podhrasky as chief engineer, begins rapid expansion into the Very Low Frequency (VLF)/TR ground mineral cancellation discrimination instruments. Garrett coins the term VLF.
Garrett introduces the Fortune Hunter, a twin-circuit coin detector with push-button tuning and adjustable discrimination. It retails for $149.95.
As gold prices soar, treasure hunters clamor for Garrett’s detectors in the United States and internationally. Garrett receives requests to establish international dealerships. A treasure hunter based in London opens the first dealership outside the United States. Peter Bridge opens the first Australian dealership. By the mid-1980s Garrett Metal Detectors becomes one of the largest metal detector manufacturers with over 1,800 distributors worldwide.

Garrett introduces the Sea Hunter, an underwater pulse induction metal detector.
Garrett establishes The International Treasure Hunting Society, formed to bring treasure hunters together. This society soon sponsors the largest international treasure hunt ever conducted.

The five-day treasure hunt takes place at the 120-acre Trader’s Village Market located in suburban Dallas. Over 2,000 treasure hunters attend and over $100,000 in prizes including a pick-up truck, are given away. Hundreds of ardent admirers visit Garrett’s factory in Garland that year.
A free newsletter is published, which is distributed throughout the treasure hunting world. Garrett’s article series, which focuses on his treasure hunting successes as well as personal search and recover techniques, greatly increases interest in Garrett detectors. He continues writing for the metal detecting and electronic gold prospecting industries. The Garrett Searcher Newsletter

Garrett introduces a motion discrimination metal detector.
Garrett conducts seminars to teach Utah Fish and Wildlife authorities how to find bullets in animals that had been killed by poachers. This seminar proves to be Garrett's first official law enforcement seminar, which has grown into The Garrett Academy of Metal Detection.

Garrett is awarded the first U.S. patent for the use of microprocessors in metal detectors.
In September, Garrett is invited to develop a walk-through metal detector for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. The tragedy of the 1972 Munich Games created an intense movement for increased security at the Olympics.
Garrett engineers create the MagnaScanner, the company’s first walk-through metal detector. Olympic Games Head of Security Ed Best visits Garrett to test and approve the new detector in April. The Los Angeles Games mark the first extensive metal detection screening in the history of the Olympic Games. 60 walk-through detectors and 1,000 of Garrett’s Pocket Probe hand-held detectors, as well as training, are supplied to the Olympic Games. The hand-held SuperScanner was also used at this event.

Garrett supplies 1984 National Republican Convention in Dallas, Texas, with security metal detectors.
Garrett provides security training and products for the Egyptian Ramses Exhibit.

Garrett releases the Freedom 1, Freedom 2, and Freedom ACE Coin Commander VLF metal detectors.
Garrett provides security training and products for the PanAm Games in Indiana.

Vaughan Garrett begins utilizing his video production expertise to create educational treasure-hunting and security videos.
Garrett provides security walk-through and hand-held metal detectors for the Seoul, Korea, Olympic Games.

The Grand Master Hunter is introduced as Garrett’s first microprocessor detector.

Garrett provides security equipment for the Republican GOP Convention in Houston, Texas, where future President George H. W. Bush is nominated.
Garrett introduces the first Graphic Target Analyzing (GTA) microprocessor-driven detector with multiple notch discrimination for treasure hunting. This notch is still the most efficient and desirable metal detector target discriminating method.

Garrett provides security training and products for the U.S. armed forces in Kuwait during the Persian Gulf conflict known as Desert Storm.
Garrett provides security metal detector training and products for the Barcelona, Spain, Olympic Games.

Garrett moves company headquarters and detector manufacturing to its current location on 1881 West State Street in Garland, Texas.

Garrett introduces the world’s first talking metal detector.
Garrett introduces the Graphic Target Imaging (GTI) metal detector with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and true target size and depth for treasure hunting.

Garrett provides security metal detector training and products for the Atlanta, Georgia, Olympic Games.
The Garrett Academy of Metal Detection is formally established to offer certification in the use of metal detection equipment in checkpoint screening applications such as airports and special events.
Garrett provides security metal detector training and products for the Nagano, Japan, Olympic Games.
Garrett introduces the PD 6500 Pinpoint walk-through detector, with multi-zone detection.
Garrett provides security metal detector training and products for the Sydney, Australia, Summer Olympic Games.
Garrett introduces the SuperWand hand-held metal detector. It becomes the standard hand-held used by Canadian airports.
Garrett provides security metal detector training and products for the Salt Lake City, Utah, Winter Olympic Games.

Garrett supplies the SuperWand to all U.S. airports.
Garrett introduces the PD 6500i walk-through metal detector with 33 distinct pinpoint zones including left, right, and center detection. Garrett becomes the only U.S. manufacturer to meet TSA guidelines for walk-through and held-held metal detectors. Garrett supplies walkthroughs to one-third of America’s airports and to many overseas airports. Garrett introduces the Infinium metal detector, for prospecting in heavily mineralized soil and for use in water to depths of 200 feet.
Garrett celebrates its 40th anniversary on April 1.

Garrett introduces the Graphic Target Profiling (GTP) 1350 metal detector.

Garrett introduces the ACE series, the most advanced, low-cost metal detectors in the world.
Garrett’s ACE 150 and ACE 250 detectors become top sellers in the United States hobby industry and successfully debut in European markets.

Garrett is featured on John Ratzenberger’s hit TV series Made in America, which airs on the Discovery Network’s Travel Channel.

Garrett installs 450 PD 6500i walk-through and 900 SuperScanner metal detectors at Olympic venues throughout Torino, Italy, for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.

Robert Podhrasky, Garrett Director of Engineering, joins TMAC board

Garrett Metal Detectors is honored with the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC) Award of Excellence.

Texas Congressman Sam Johnson joins Charles Garrett and company officials for the groundbreaking ceremonies for the company’s expansion.

Construction begins at 1881 W. State Street in Garland to expand Garrett’s facilities to 100,000 square feet. The new Garrett home office houses an enlarged treasure hunting museum, a formal conference/training center for The Garrett Academy of Metal Detection training, and enlarged production and warehouse facilities.

Garrett Named Outstanding Employer in Dallas County

Garrett provides walk-through detectors, hand-held detectors and training to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Garrett introduces the popular new PRO-POINTER pinpointing metal detector.

Garrett Releases CSI PRO-POINTER for Security

Garrett is named the official security metal detector supplier for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada.

Discovery Channel Discovers Garrett


Garrett launches a new Countermine/ERW division and introduces the RECON-PRO AML (All Metal Locator) 1000.

Charles Garrett and a team of Garrett detectorists work with Texas Parks and Wildlife to recover and preserve artifacts from the San Jacinto battlegrounds where Texas independence was won.

Charles, Eleanor and Vaughan Garrett and Vice President Bob Podhrasky serve as early Olympic torch runners during the countdown to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.

Garrett Metal Detectors Supports Irving Police Department


Garrett provides security metal detector training and products for the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson visits Garrett’s headquarters to present a copy of the Congressional Record in which Garrett was recently recognized.

Garrett provides security detectors for the 2010 FIFA World Cup championship soccer tournament in South Africa.

Garrett releases new hobby detectors for the ACE series, as the ACE 350 in America and as the EuroACE for its overseas version.

Garrett introduces the versatile AT Pro, an all-terrain hobby detector which can be used for shallow water hunting. It becomes a best seller.

Garrett releases the new Super Scanner V security hand-held screening detector, featuring both audible and vibrating alarm options.

Garrett releases the new AT Gold metal detector. It is fully waterproof to 10 feet (3 meters) and is ideal for locating gold nuggets, coins, relics, caches, and jewelry, even in highly mineralized ground.

Charles Garrett is presented with an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Lamar University.

In April, the Charles and Eleanor Garrett Engineering Center is dedicated at Lamar University.

Garrett’s YouTube channel reaches its first one million views in June.

The Garrett CSI Pro, a security crime scene investigation detector, is released.

Fox Business News features the Garrett factory in a segment called “Manufacturing Marvels.”

Video: Garrett Featured on Fox Business Network

Garrett releases the fully waterproof ATX pulse-induction metal detector. It is highly sensitive on tiny gold and extends detection depth in the most extreme mineralized soils.
Garrett celebrates 50 years in business! More than 250 employees gather to enjoy the anniversary of their company and the birth of founder Charles Garrett.

Garrett provides security metal detectors for the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament in Brazil.

Garrett’s Hobby Division evolves into the Sport Division. Outdoor enthusiasts join “The Sport of Metal Detecting” to find new adventure, get exercise, and to escape from routine. Garrett detectors are featured in the National Geographic Channel’s “Diggers” reality TV show.

The Pro-Pointer AT, an all-terrain fully waterproof version of Garrett's popular pinpointer, is released.

Founder Charles L. Garrett passes away on April 3, 2015. Click here to read more about Mr. Garrett.

Garrett is the Official Metal Detectors Supplier for the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games in Toronto, Canada. More than 1,200 security detectors are utilized to protect the various sports venues.

Garrett's best-selling ACE detector line is expanded with the introduction of improved models with new features such as Digital Target ID. International and U.S. versions of ACE 200, ACE 300, and ACE 400 are released.

Garrett provides mobile walkthrough detector solutions that are widely adopted into stadium security for professional baseball, basketball, hockey, and football arenas in the U.S. and Canadian markets.
Garrett releases Z-Lynk Wireless Technology in a family of Z-Lynk products that allow almost any metal detector to be used without wires from the detector to the headphones.

The first Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt is held in Jefferson, Texas, during the weekend of April 1, to honor the memory of Garrett co-founder Charles Garrett. Hundreds of detectorists from around the country and even from other countries attend the full weekend for detecting, fun, and prizes.

Garrett releases the new AT Max metal detector, a fully wireless model that features maximum detection depth. The AT Max includes many new features and it can be used fully submerged for shallow water hunting.

Significant Garrett security installations include: major metro transit security installations in Turkey, India, Thailand, and Egypt; venue security for the "Tomorrowland" festivals (more than 400,000 attendees) near Brussels, Belgium; and metal detector installation into stadiums preparing for the 2018 Moscow World Cup Games.

Garrett Metal Detectors becomes an official security partner of AT&T Stadium and the Dallas Cowboys, the most recognized and highly successful sports franchise in the world.

Steve Novakovich Joins Garrett Metal Detectors as CEO

Garrett Countermine/ERW Division releases new Recon Pro AML-750 all metals locator detector.

Garrett provides security detectors for use in the 2018 FIFA World Cup football (soccer) tournament in Russia.

Garrett Security Division releases new MZ 6100 multi-zone walk-through metal detector for use in security screening at schools, stadiums, government buildings, special events, and other applications.

Garrett provides security products and services for the 2019 Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru.

The Rugby World Cup is protected by Garrett Metal Detectors security products in October.

Garrett announces new ACE Apex multi-frequency metal detector


Garrett acquires certain assets of Oregon-based White’s Electronics, including trademarks, intellectual property, and tooling, after the metal detector manufacturer announced the closure of its business.


The Garrett PD-6500i walk-through metal detector is certified to comply with Standard 2 European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) requirements, a rigorous performance standard for security equipment used in European Union (EU) airports. 

An updated and improved model of the former White’s GoldMaster 24k prospecting metal detector is released by Garrett with a new look and enhanced performance. White’s Electronics, a former Sport Division product competitor, was acquired by Garrett in 2021. 

Garrett releases the Multi-Zone walk-through metal detector, a powerful yet affordable security solution for schools, government buildings, and large public arenas. 

SmartScan Thermal Imaging System is introduced by Garrett in early 2021. SmartScan allows body temperature measurements to be taken simultaneously with metal detector security screening. 


Company co-founder Eleanor Paxton Smith Garrett passes away on March 2, 2022.

Axiom, a new high-performance pulse induction gold prospecting detector, is released in July. Click here to read more about Mrs. Garrett.


Garrett releases new best-in-class 66-zone Paragon walk-through detector with revolutionary new features like Zero Touch NFC capability and Ambiscan directional sensitivity.

Garrett announces that its standard manufacturer’s warranty on metal detecting products has been extended to three years (36 months).